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Practical, cost effective, analytical instruments for your testing needs.

We can develop a solution that will provide a simplified and accurate way to measure.


Because we value our customers

It’s not about selling analytic instruments. We strive to provide the best services we can to support you when it comes to finding the best solution that fits your needs.


We offer our consulting services before and after sales; product installation and training, laboratory procedures, method implementation and preparation of samples.

On site scenario analysis

Our technical team carries out inspections and visits to our customers for the supply of process equipment or water treatment plants.

Instruments service

We grant evaluation of used instrumentation, instruments calibration, scheduled periodic maintenance and reparation of Hanna's Instrumentation.

Cloud platform

Manage and control your systems based on the data collected, in real time and without the intervention of specialized personnel on site.


Where you can find our helping hands

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Fish Farming

Why is optical D.O. meter a better choice? – Application in fish farming

Natural ponds or lakes are considered to be fragile ecosystems, where the smallest changes can have a big impact. Optimal water quality is definitely the essential to maintain the ecosystem and ensure a healthy life of the fish living in it. Therefore, fish farmers or aquarists depend on constantly checking certain parameters in the water. Probably the most important parameter by far is dissolved oxygen (DO).

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Direct PH Measurement In Soil And Soiless Media

Direct pH measurement in soil & soiless media

pH is the most famous parameter in agriculture, and it has a good reason to be! It’s one of the parameters that is critically important to plant health.

Soil pH is directly connected to nutrient availability, or to simplify: ability of the plant to absorb and use the available nutrients.

Each family and type of plants&crops have a unique preferred pH range in which they can thrive the best. It seems like a lot of work, but it’s basically really simple, in the end your crops will reward you with maximum yield!

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World Oceans Day

Acidification of oceans & effects on Mediterranean Sea

The world as we know today was shaped by a global evolutionary regime and it had it’s beginning right there, in the oceans. If we look at the oceans as Earths reservoirs of water, and we know that this “reservoir” makes approximately 96.5 percent of all Earth’s water, than we can be fully aware that all this rapidly moving changes could really change our lives and that our children someday could lead totally different lives than we did.

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