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Practical, cost effective, analytical instruments for your testing needs.

We can develop a solution that will provide a simplified and accurate way to measure.


Because we value our customers

It’s not about selling analytic instruments. We strive to provide the best services we can to support you when it comes to finding the best solution that fits your needs.


We offer our consulting services before and after sales; product installation and training, laboratory procedures, method implementation and preparation of samples.

On site scenario analysis

Our technical team carries out inspections and visits to our customers for the supply of process equipment or water treatment plants.

Instruments service

We grant evaluation of used instrumentation, instruments calibration, scheduled periodic maintenance and reparation of Hanna's Instrumentation.

Cloud platform

Manage and control your systems based on the data collected, in real time and without the intervention of specialized personnel on site.


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Which color will your flowers be this year?

Floriculture is an important branch of horticulture, which deals with cut or loose flowers, ornamental plants, such as foliage plants, trees, shrubs, climbers, palms, bamboo, cacti and succulents, dried flowers, essential oils and landscape gardening.To achieve that these fulfill the main function of decorating, certain physicochemical parameters must be taken into account in their cultivation, since these parameters make the visual attributes of flowers and plants sufficiently striking.

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Professional Beekeeper Working With Bees Holding Honeycomb From Beehive

Measuring the most important parameters for determining the quality of honey

Honey has big importance in human diet during the history. Due to its chemical composition it is represented in the food industry as well as in the pharmaceutical industry. Regardless of the progress of the industry, it cannot be synthesized industrially and that is why it is very often adulterated. Learn more about honey quality parameters below and how to measure them.

Definition of honey

Honey quality requirements correspond to the requirements of the European Union and are defined by the law. According to Codex Alimentarius, honey is a natural sweet substance produced by honey bees (Apis mellifera) from plant nectars or secretions of living parts of plants, excretions of insects that suck sap from living parts of plants, by collecting them, modifying them by adding their own specific substances. , disposed of, dried, stored and left in the honeycomb to mature.

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If you are well-established winery or just hobbist that is very passionate about wine, you have to perform some analytical technique. One of the most comprehensive and commonly used analytical methods is titration. Many parameters can be quantitatively and qualitatively determined by titration.

There are several ways to conduct titrations, but have you ever thought about the method that will be simple as possible, as quick as possible, and will not require the knowledge of chemists, expensive and big analytical laboratory equipment?

Stay tuned to find out more!

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