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Universal Process Controller - HI510

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HI510 is an advanced universal process controller that can be configured for many applications requiring monitoring and/or control of process parameters. This controller features a digital probe input that will automatically detect and update the meter with the parameter that it measures.

  • Waterproof IP65 (Nema 4X) enclosure
  • Multi-color LED status indicators & audible alarm
  • Universal mounting with wall, pipe, and panel mounting options.

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universal process controller

Control Modes

Setpoints for control operations can be configured to be on/off, proportional, or PID types of control. The flexibility in programming allows for fine-tuning of a set point to be maintained with tight control preventing any overshoot and waste of chemicals.

Hold Function

Hold can also be triggered manually and by using and external digital input for disabling control mode when performing maintenance.

Configurable Alarm System

Configurable for set points and temperature or activated by abnormal operation, a red Alarm LED will blink and can easily be seen from a distance. All relays configured for control are inactivated until the alarm state is resolved.

Auto-cleaning cycle

The cleaning function allows the ability to program one or more wash cycles and use the relays to activate valves, pumps, or compressed air based on the type of washing that is required to maintain probes for reliable results.


Available with up to five control and one alarm electromechanical relays.

Analog Outputs

Up to four galvanically isolated analog outputs for control of pumps and valves.

Digital RS485 Output

Can daisy-chain up to 32 devices to a remote monitoring system.

Digital Inputs

Two digital inputs available for modes including disabling, cleaning and placing the controller into hold status​.

universal process controller
Universal Process Controller - HI510

Large LCD

The LCD displays measurement information along with indicators of potential problems. The DIAG key then provides details of the issue.


Store info at selectable intervals along with relay control settings and calibrations data.  up to 100 lots, each holding 8600 records. Transfer to a flash drive as a .csv file using the USB Type-C port.

Help Button

Using the help and diagnostic button (? DIAG) will provide information related to errors or in setup mode, information about settings.

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