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Research Grade Meter pH/ORP/ISE and EC/TDS/Resistivity/Salinity and Temperature HI5522-02

The HI5522 is an advanced research grade benchtop

pH/mV/ISE/EC/TDS/Salinity/Resistivity meter that is completely customizable with a large color LCD, capacitive touch keys, and USB port for computer connectivity. The HI5522 is rich in features including ISE incremental methods, data logging, alarm limits, comprehensive GLP, and many more while retaining simplicity in use with both dedicated key for routine operation and virtual keys that guide the user through setup options. The HI5522 ensures confidence in pH measurements with the exclusive Hanna Instruments CAL Check feature that alerts the user to potential problems during calibration including if the buffer is contaminated or the probe needs to be cleaned.

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The HI5522 is an advanced research grade benchtop pH/ORP/ISE and EC/TDS/Salinity/Resistivity meter that is completely customizable with a large color LCD, capacitive touch keys, and USB port for computer connectivity.

The HI5522 is a two-channel meter that allows for simultaneous measure of pH, ORP, or ISE on one channel and EC, TDS, Salinity, or Resistivity on the other. Channel one has a BNC connection for use with the expansive line of pH, ORP, and ISE electrodes that Hanna Instruments offers. The meter is supplied with the HI1131B glass body, double junction, combination pH electrode that operates over a wide temperature range from 0 to 100°C. All readings are automatically compensated for temperature variations with the separate HI7662-T temperature probe or from the built-in temperature sensor of the conductivity probe on Channel two. The HI5522 is supplied with the HI76312 four-ring conductivity probe that operates over a wide range

from 0.000 μS/cm to 1000.0 mS/cm*. The meter can be set to autoranging in which the meter chooses the appropriate conductivity range from seven ranges or fixed range in which the meter will only display reading in μS/cm or mS/cm. All readings are automatically compensated for temperature variations with a built in temperature sensor. The temperature correction coefficient is adjustable from 0.00 to 10.00 %/°C. As a pH meter the HI5522 can be calibrated up to five points with a choice of eight pre-programmed buffers or five custom buffers.

The HI5522 features Hanna’s exclusive CAL Check™ to alert the user of potential problems during the pH calibration process. Indicators displayed during calibration include “Electrode Dirty/Broken” and “Buffer Contaminated.” The overall probe condition based on the offset and slope characteristic of the electrode is displayed as a percentage after calibration is complete.

In ISE mode the HI5522 can be calibrated up to five points with a choice of five fixed standards or five user defined in any concentration unit. The calibration data including date, time, standards used and slope can be viewed at any time along with the current measurement by selecting the Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) display option.

As an EC/TDS/Salinity/Resistivity meter the HI5522 can be  calibrated up to four points with a choice of six pre-programmed conductivity standards or user defined custom standards. Resistivity, TDS, Practical Salinity (PSU) and Natural Seawater Scale are calibrated through conductivity. The % NaCl is calibrated to single point with the HI7037 salinity standard. The calibration data including date, time, and standards used, offset and cell factor can be accessed at any time 

along with the current measurement by selecting the Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) display option. 

For the measurement of high purity water used in pharmaceutical manufacturing, the HI5522 is programmed with the three stages of the USP <645> method. Once a stage is met a report is generated and can be saved. Up to 200 reports can be stored and transferred to a Windows® compatible computer using the supplied USB cable and software. 

Three selectable logging modes are available: automatic, manual and AutoHold logging. Up to 100,000 data points can be recorded in 100 lots with 50,000 records max/lot on each channel and exported to a computer for data review and storage.

Customizable User Interface

The user interface of the HI5522 allows the user to show measurements in various modes: basic measurement with or without GLP information, real-time graphing, and logging data. Calibration stability criteria can be adjusted from fast, moderate, and accurate. Programmable alarm limits can be set to inside or outside allowable limits.

Color Graphic LCD

The HI5522 features a color graphic LCD with on-screen help, graphic, and custom color configurations. The display allows for realtime graphing and the use of virtual keys provide for an intuitive user interface.

Capacitive Touch

The HI5522 features sensitive capacitive touch buttons for accurate keystrokes when navigating menus and screens. There are four dedicated keys that are used for routine operations including calibration and switching measurement modes and four virtual keys that change based upon use. The capacitive touch technology ensures the buttons never get clogged with sample residue.

Four Ring Conductivity Probe

All readings are performed with the HI76312 four-ring conductivity probe that has a built in temperature sensor for automatic temperature correction. The four rings are made with platinum and the body of the electrode is made of Polyetherimide (PEI) plastic that is resistant to many harsh chemicals. The four-ring design allows for this probe to be used over a wide range of measurements.

Choice of Calibration

Automatic buffer recognition, semiautomatic, and direct manual entry pH calibration options are available for calibrating up to five points, from a selection of eight standard buffers and up to five custom buffers. For the conductivity channel the calibration can be set to automatic standard recognition or user entry along with a choice of single or multipoint. Calibration can be performed up to four points when multi-point is selected.

CAL Check™

CAL Check alerts users to potential problems during the calibration of the pH electrode. Indicators include “Electrode Dirty/Broken,” “Buffer Contaminated,” electrode response time and the overall probe condition as a percentage that is based on the offset and slope characteristics.

GLP Data

HI5522 includes a GLP feature that allows users to view calibration data and calibration expiration information at the touch of a key. Calibration data include date, time, standards used for calibration.

ISE Measurement with Choice of

Concentration Units The HI5522 allows for calibration and readings in choice of concentration units. The choices of concentration units include ppt, g/L, mg/mL, ppm, mg/L, μg/L, ppb, μg/L, mg/mL, M, mol/L, mmol/L, %w/v and a user defined unit.

ISE Measurement with Incremental Methods

The known addition, known subtraction, analyte addition, and analyte subtraction incremental methods are pre-programmed into the HI5522. Simply follow the on screen guided procedure and the meter will perform the calculation automatically allowing for a higher level of accuracy to be obtained as compared to a direct ISE measurement. 

Data Logging

Three selectable logging modes are available on the HI5522: automatic, manual, and AutoHold logging. Automatic and manual logs up to 100 lots with 50,000 records max/lot, with up to 100,000 total data points. Automatic logging features the option to save data according to sampling period and interval.

Data Transfer

Data can be transferred to a PC with USB cable and HI92000 software (both sold separately). 

Contextual Help

Contextual help is always available through a dedicated “HELP” key. Clear tutorial messages and directions are available on-screen to quickly and easily guide users through setup and calibration. The help information displayed is relative to the setting/option being viewed.

pH and EC Features:


pH CAL Check™

Proper calibration of the pH electrode system is critical in order to achieve reliable results. Hanna’s exclusive CAL Check system includes several features to help users reach that goal.

· Each time a pH calibration is performed, the instrument compares the new calibration with the previous one. When this comparison indicates a significant difference, the message alerts the user to either clean the electrode, check the buffer or both.
· When measurements are taken too far from the calibration points, the instrument will warn the user with a message on the LCD.
· The condition of the pH electrode after calibration is shown on the display, as well as the date and time.
· To avoid taking readings with old calibrations, the instrument automatically reminds the user when the calibration has expired

CAL Check alert to potential problems during calibration

Comprehensive GLP Data

Real time logging


Hanna’s HI5522 and HI5521 together with EC probes can be used for conductivity measurements required to prepare water for injection (WFI) according to USP <645>. The instruments give clear instructions on how to perform each stage and automatically check that the temperature, conductivity and stability are within USP limits. Comprehensive results are shown on a single screen at the end of the test. Up to 200 reports can be saved for future recall.

ISE Features

ISE Incremental Methods

Ion concentration determinations with ISEs can be made faster and easier using the streamlined incremental methods. Incremental methods involve adding a standard to a sample or sample to a standard and detecting the mV change that occurs due to the addition, and this difference determines the concentration. Historically the user would use mathematical equations to determine the ion concentration of the sample; the HI5522, sample concentrations are calculated automatically and then logged into an ISE method report; up to 200 reports can
be saved for future recall.

The entire process can be repeated on multiple samples without reentering sets of parameters. Reports can be printed using HI92000 PC software. Incremental method techniques can reduce errors from variables such as temperature, viscosity, pH or ionic strength. The electrodes remain immersed throughout the process, thus reducing measurement time as well as eliminating sample carry over and its associated errors. Known Addition, Known Subtraction, Analyte Addition, and Analyte Subtraction methods are standard method choices provided by the HI5522.

research grade multiparameter

Dual Channels

The two measurement channels of the HI5522 are galvanically isolated
to eliminate noise and instability. In ISE mode, this instrument provides a choice of several incremental methods. Communication is via opto-isolated USB.




-2.0 to 20.0 pH; -2.00 to 20.00; -2.000 to 20.000 pH


0.1 pH; 0.01 pH; 0.001 pH


±0.1 pH; ±0.01 pH; ±0.002 pH ±1 LSD


automatic, up to five-point calibration, eight standard buffers available (1.68, 3.00, 4.01, 6.86, 7.01, 9.18,
10.01,12.45), and five custom buffers

Temperature Compensation

automatic or manual from -20.0 to 120.0°C/-4.0 to 248.0°F/253.15 to 393.15K



±2000 mV


0.1 mV


±0.2 mV ±1 LSD



1 x 10-6 to 9.99 x 1010 concentration


1; 0.1; 0.01; 0.001 concentration


±0.5% (monovalent ions); ±1% (divalent ions)


automatic, up to five-point calibration, five fixed standard solutions available for each measurement unit,
and five user defined standards



0 to 50°C (23 to 122°F); electronic module is not


0.1°C; 0.1°F; 0.1K


±0.2°C ; ±0.4°F; ±0.2K (without probe)



0.000 to 9.999 µS/cm; 10.00 to 99.99 µS/cm; 100.0 to 999.9 µS/cm; 1.000 to 9.999 mS/cm;
10.00 to 99.99 mS/cm; 100.0 to 1000.0 mS/cm absolute EC*


0.001 µS/cm; 0.01 µS/cm; 0.1 µS/cm; 0.001 mS/cm; 0.01 mS/cm; 0.1 mS/cm


±1% of reading (±0.01 µS/cm)

Cell constant

0.0500 to 200.00

Cell type

4-pole cell


automatic standard recognition, user standard single point / multi-point calibration

Calibration reminder


Temperature coefficient 

0.00 to 10.00 %/°C

Temperature compensation

disabled, linear and non-linear (natural water)

Reference Temperature

5.0 to 30.0°C


up to 10, 5 each channel

USP Compliant




0.000 to 9.999 ppm; 10.00 to 99.99 ppm; 100.0 to 999.9 ppm; 1.000 to 9.999 ppt; 10.00 to 99.99 ppt;
100.0 to 400.0 ppt actual TDS* (with 1.00 factor)


0.001 ppm; 0.01 ppm; 0.1 ppm; 0.001 ppt; 0.01 ppt; 0.1 ppt


±1% of reading (±0.01 ppm)



1.0 to 99.9 Ω•cm; 100 to 999 Ω•cm; 1.00 to 9.99 kΩ•cm; 10.0 to 99.9 kΩ•cm; 100 to 999 kΩ•cm;
1.00 to 9.99 MΩ•cm; 10.0 to 100.0 MΩ•cm


0.1 Ω•cm; 1 Ω•cm; 0.01 kΩ•cm; 0.1 kΩ•cm; 1 kΩ•cm; 0.01 MΩ•cm; 0.1 MΩ•cm


±2% of reading (±1 Ω•cm)



practical scale: 0.00 to 42.00 psu; natural sea water scale: 0.00 to 80.00 ppt; percent scale: 0.0 to 400.0%


0.01 for practical scale/natural sea water scale; 0.1% for percent scale


±1% of reading


percent scale—one-point (with HI7037 standard); all others through EC

Additional Specifications

pH Electrode

HI1131B glass body pH electrode with BNC connector and 1 m (3.3’) cable (included)

EC Electrode

HI76312 platinum, four-ring EC/TDS probe with and 1 m (3.3’) cable (included)

Temperature Probe

HI7662-W stainless steel temperature probe with 1 m (3.3’) cable (included)

Input Channels 

1 pH/ORP/ISE + 1 EC


cell constant, reference temperature/coefficient, calibration points, cal time stamp, probe offset for conductivity


record : Up to 100 lots, 50,000 records max/lot / maximum 100,000 data points/channel;
interval: 14 selectable between 1 second and 180 minutes; type: automatic, manual, AutoHOLD;
additional: 200 records USP; 200 records incremental methods

PC Connection


Power Supply 

12 VDC adapter (included)


160 x 231 x 94 mm (6.3 x 9.1 x 3.7”) / 1.2 kg (2.64 lbs.)


0 to 50°C (32 to 122°F; 273 to 323K) RH max 95% non-condensing

Ordering information

HI5522-02 (230V) is supplied with HI1131B pH electrode, HI76312 EC/TDS probe, HI7662-W temperature probe,
pH 4.01 buffer solution sachet (2), pH 7.01 buffer solution sachet (2), pH 10.01 buffer solution sachet (2), 1413 µS/cm conductivity standard sachet
(2), 12880 µS/cm conductivity standard sachet (2), HI700601 electrode cleaning solution sachet (2), HI7082 3.5M KCl electrolyte solution (30 mL),
HI76404W electrode holder, 12 VDC adapter, capillary dropper pipette, quality certificate, quick start guide and instruction manual.

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