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Photometric Electrodes - HI90060x

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For many titrations, a potentiometric determination of the equivalence point is simply not possible. In these cases, the use of the photometric electrodes for the optical determination of an endpoint during volumetric analysis is preferred. Hanna Instruments introduces HI90060x Series for when a color change is still the best solution.

  • 4 different wavelengths
  • Less maintenance
  • Ideal for colorimetric reactions

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Photometric Electrodes

Photometric electrodes around the spectrum

Adding to our titration line, these probes are available in 4 different wavelengths from 470 nm to 625 nm. The HI90060X family of photometric probes use the principle of absorbance at a specific wavelength to identify the equivalence point of a titration with the use of a color indicator.

Specialized Construction

A glass construction minimizes chemical compatibility issues. The stainless steel shield within the glass blocks out ambient light and protects against any grounding loop current that may result in progressive damage of the probe.

Made to Fit

With a 12 mm diameter and 120 mm standard insertion length, these photometric electrodes fit easily into electrode holders. These probes have a universal BNC connector that is used as a potentiometric input on Hanna titrators and autosamplers.

Reflective Measurement

Each probe has a LED at a specific wavelength that shines light through the sample and is reflected back by a platinum mirror sealed in the glass. The reflective measurement has a fixed path length and allows for high color sensitivity in a compact design.

Less Maintenance

With the photometric probe there is no fill solution to change in order for it to be compatible with a non-aqueous sample and there is no pH sensor to foul.

For Colorimetric Reactions

The use of a photometric probe for potentiometric titration can be used for a variety of complexometric titrations. The photometric probe is also ideal for non-aqueous titrations.

Photometric Electrodes


Specification NameDetail
mV Range10 to 1100 mV
Wavelength / LED colorHI900601 @ 525 nm / green LED
HI900602 @ 625 nm / red LED
HI900603 @ 590 nm / yellow LED
HI900604 @ 470 nm / blue LED
Light SourceLED
Measuring CycleLED pulsed at 1 kHz
Light Detectorsilicon photocell
Sample Temperature0 to 75°C (32 to 167°F)
Body Materialglass
Body Length / Overall Length122 mm / 200mm
Outer Diameter12 mm
ConnectionBNC with 1.5 meter cable for connecting to titrator or autosampler
Power supplyps/2 connector for connecting to titration system
Environment0 to 50°C (32 to 122°F)
Ordering InformationSupplied with instruction manual and electrode quality testing certificate.

Additional Informations

Additional information


Electrodes Wavelength

470 nm, 525 nm, 590 nm, 625 nm

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