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pH/ORP Controller (Wall Mounted) - HI9912-1

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HI9912 is a 2-in-1 pH/ORP controller designed specifically for pools and spas. Each parameter has an individual setpoint and proportional dosing adjustment controls, dosing contacts for pump control and calibration adjustment trimmers. Setpoint adjustments (from 6 to 8 pH and 500 to 900 mV) and the calibration of the electrodes are easily accomplished by using the adjustment trimmers on the front panel. A large LCD display, dosing and alarm LED lights and a splash resistant plastic panel cover are ideal for the pool chemical room environment. The HI9912 comes with a differential circuit which eliminates ground loops from the process being monitored and significantly extends the life of the electrode.

  • Proportional pH and ORP control
  • Triple contact alarm system
  • Cost effective 2-in-1 design for versatility

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Consent Feature

In order to save on chemicals and due to the slow reaction of oxidants, the controller incorporates a Consent feature by which ORP measurements are adjusted only after pH has been corrected. The Consent feature makes the pH correction the master and the ORP adjustment the salve for better control.

Easy Installation

Designed with mounting holes molded into the housing to assure simple, quick and secure installation without the need for additional hardware. Once all electrical connections are made, the protective cover can be installed over the front panel making it possible to perform all adjustments without disassembling any part of the unit.

Triple Contact Alarm System

When activated, the alarm contacts will open or close, triggering the mechanism of your choice, whether a buzzer, light or any other electrical device. The alarm is activated when the measurements stray away from the set point by a predetermined value in the 0.5 to 2.5 pH range.

Isolated Recorder Output

The ability to record the data from the process you are monitoring greatly enhances process troubleshooting. By simply connecting a recorder to the controller’s output terminals, you are able to acquire a hard copy of the readings for demonstrative or analytical purposes. The recorder output terminals are isolated from the controller to avoid any interference and are user-switchable between 0 to 20 mA or 4 to 20 mA.

BNC Connection

The electrodes can be installed quickly and easily. Simply plug the universal BNC connector into the socket and twist it into a secured position.

Durable Construction

This controller is housed in a rugged, fiber-reinforced, self-extinguishing rugged, modular, fiber-reinforced polypropylene housing. Polypropylene has properties that will resist the harmful effects of most chemicals.

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