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  • Multirange EC Meter with manual Temperature Compensation – HI8633

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  • Four-ring Conductivity probe

    Four-ring Conductivity probe – HI76312

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  • Conductivity Meter

    Benchtop Conductivity Meter with ATC – HI2315-02

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  • in-line conductivity probe

    In-line Conductivity Probe – Platinum Ring, Pt100 Sensor, 3m Color-coded Cable – HI7639

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  • Digital Conductivity electrode

    Digital Conductivity Electrode – HI763100

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  • 4-ring conductivity probe

    Four-ring Conductivity Probe (Stainless Steel) for HI98192 – HI763133

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  • Monitor for Hydroponic Nutrients

    Monitor for Hydroponic Nutrients Groline – HI981420

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  • Multi-Range Portable EC Meter – HI8033

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  • Conductivity Transmitter

    Conductivity Transmitter to use with Four-ring Probe – HI8936

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  • 4 ring conductivity probe

    4 ring Conductivity/TDS Probe for HI9835 – HI76309

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  • EC Probe

    EC Probe for use with HI2315 – HI76303

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  • flow-thru conductivity probe

    Flow-thru conductivity electrode – HI3001

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