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  • autosampler

    Autosampler HI922

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  • Automatic potentiometric titrator

    Advanced Automatic Potentiometric Titrator – HI932

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  • Karl Fischer Coulometric Titrator HI904

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  • automatic potentiometric titrator

    Automatic Potentiometric Titrator – HI931

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  • Karl Fischer Volumetric Titrator HI903

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  • spectrophotometer

    Spectrophotometer iris – HI801

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  • Turbidity Meter EPA

    EPA Compliant Benchtop Turbidity Meter – HI88703

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  • Multiparameter HI98194

    Multiparameter pH/ORP/EC/TDS/Salinity/DO/Pressure/ Temperature Waterproof Meter – HI98194

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  • photometer

    Multiparameter Benchtop Photometer and pH meter – HI83300

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  • ISO turbidity meter

    ISO Portable Turbidity Meter – HI98713

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  • pH Meter with Built-in Printer

    Professional pH/mV Meter with Built-in Printer – HI122-02

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  • Research grade multiparameter

    Research Grade Meter pH/ORP and EC/TDS/Resistivity/Salinity and Temperature HI5521-02

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