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  • pH controller

    Digital pH Controller (Wall Mounted) with Dual Setpoint and Matching Pin – HI21211-2

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  • pH Controller and Pump – BL7916-1

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  • Nutrient Analyses

    Nutrient Analysis Photometer HI83325

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  • pH and conductivity control

    pH and Conductivity Controller (Wall Mounted) – HI9913-1

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  • Industrial grade pH Controller

    Industrial grade pH Controller with TDS control and Proportional Fertilizer Dosing – HI9935-1

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  • Industrial pH Controller

    Proportional Dosage ORP Controller – HI9920-1

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  • Professional Soil pH Meter

    Professional Soil pH Meter GroLine – HI98168

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  • Direct Soil Activity and Conductivity measurement kit – HI993310

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  • pH/EC/TDS Meter

    Portable Waterproof pH/EC/TDS Meter (High Range) – HI991301

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  • pH meter and EC/TDS meter

    Portable Waterproof pH meter EC/TDS Meter (Low Range) – HI991300

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  • pH Dosing System

    pH Dosing System GroLine – HI981412

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  • Direct Soil Measurement pH Meter

    Direct Soil Measurement pH Meter – HI99121

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