Process Equipment

Automating the production processes of  existing plants becomes a determining factor for business success. The control of the physical and chemical parameters are crucial for obtaining standardized results and quality products. 

For  this reason, Hanna Service is at the customers disposal in order to evaluate, analyze,  and implement automatic control systems for differents production applications.

With a large range of industrial pH, EC, TDS, DO, chlorine controllers, transmitters and electrodes,  we can cover a  wide range of applications in the most diverses industrial sectors.

What is process equipment?

Definition, instrumentation and applications

Process equipment is  devices that can acquire data/input (in our case chemicals and physical parameters) and through a software/logic, implement controls on other devices.

We can supply industrial instrumentation (analog/digital controllers, wallmounted controllers) as well as pre-installed and pre-sized complete systems,  ready to plug-in, in order to facilitate the customer in the installation of the products and avoid extra costs.

The different combinations of our products with the most modern industrial automation technologies, allow us to supply and provide assistance in distinctive applications. 

Here are the most representative industries , we can mention: 

  • the food & beverage industries, 
  • galvanic bath, 
  • chemical industries, 
  • the water treatment, the sanification and purification of water, 
  • irrigation water and automation of the fertilization processes.

System integration activities
and Cloud services

Reduce costs and control your process

Hanna Service integrates the Hanna Instruments equipment into the customer production process. We can manage the collection of the analog / digital data and convert it into the requested signal by the customers processing system (Modbus RTU, Ethernet… ).

Our system and signal integration services allow our customers to implement their plants and production processes with minimal costs.

Our cloud services, for which we guarantee with our dedicated servers, allow you to have data and process control wherever you are.

Water treatment plants

Disinfection or sanitizing, controlling pH and chlorine levels

Through the collaboration of leading technical designers, we realized sanitation and water purification plants.

Hanna Instruments products are the heart of our water treatment systems. Therefore, we supply and install different types of systems,  for  example:

  • reverse osmosis systems
  • chlorination systems
  • drinking water station
  • chemical dosing system for the production


A key factor in agriculture

Irrigation is one of the most important operations in agriculture. With proper irrigation the quality and quantity of crops can be significantly enhanced. 

Correct irrigation is not a simple process: the quantity of water must be sufficient for crops, and if not, photosynthesis and overall growth is impeded. However, if the amount of water is more than required, plant growth may become excessive, producing a tall, softer and/or damaged product.

Fertigation Controller

The Fertigation Controller can control the quantity of irrigation water based on time or volume. Different sectors can be irrigated at different times during the day with different water quantities.

With the Fertigation Controller, each irrigation program provides control of pH and conductivity. When necessary, a specific program performs a pH correction by the introduction of an acid or base into the irrigation water. pH control is based on multiple sensor input and a specific set point, while conductivity control is directly related to the level of fertilization.

When the Fertigation Controller commands the addition of 1 to multiple fertilizers in the irrigation stream, conductivity sensors continually monitor the conductivity of the stream and the overall amount of fertilization is maintained based on a specified set point (limit). The Fertigation Controller can command the addition of multiple (1 to 4) fertilizers to irrigation water. The percentage of each fertilizer is set up by the user and controlled by a specific program based on the conductivity set point.

If a pH or conductivity control problem arises, the program generates an alarm to inform the user. All operations of both control processes are stored in the memory.

The Fertigation controller performs all necessary operations, monitoring, control of irrigation, and fertilization processes. These operations are conducted continuously throughout the day, month and year.

To use and manage the system properly, all the necessary control values must be set (setup mode). During monitoring operations (consulting mode) the user can obtain information about how the system and irrigation process are functioning. Furthermore, the history of all operations for the current and previous days can be accessed.

Fertigation solutions

Introducing our best products

Meet our fertigation controller HI8000​

A wide variety of models are available to cover the requirements of specific fertigation applications.The HI 8000 series is fully customizable and upgradable  at the hardware and program level.

HI8000 series models can be selected based on the irrigation and fertilization type of control along with the additional features that are fitting for the specific application.

Some of the most important criteria in  selecting the type of controller  are: number of irrigated sectors: 8, 16, 24, 32; type of irrigation control: in volume or in time; type of fertilizer control: by EC, by Volume, ratiometric; type of pH correction: acid or alkaline; control of incoming water: one, two or three sources of water; control of dosing with venturi or motorized electrovalves; redundancy of the conductivity or pH probes.

Contact us to have more info concerning the several feature on:

  • Irrigation control
  • Irrigation program
  • Irrigation water
  • Fertilization control
  • pH control
  • agitator and filtercleaning
  • redundancy of EC and pH probes
  • logging system
  • PC compatible
  • Alarm system
  • Sensor connections
  • User interface and irrigation connection

Meet our HS10.00X System

We design and manufacture a complete, ready-to-install, ferti-irrigation system for our customers. 

At first, we collect the information and requests of the agronomist to create a system that corresponds to the actual needs of the customer.  Afterward, we analyze the existing infrastructures to be able to interface our systems with the fixture already installed. 

Finally, we produce the customized system and proceed with the installation, commissioning, and training of the personnel in charge.

Our ferti-irrigation systems have multiple applications:

  • Outdoor farming
  • Indoor (soil) farming
  • Hydroponics
  • Aeroponic

Our fertigation system integrates Hanna Instruments process equipment with high-quality industrial products to create two types of systems:

  • Direct injection of nutrients
  • Mixing tank

Contact us to have more information on the different solution we can provide