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Analytical chemistry is the scientific discipline that develops and applies methods, tools and strategies to obtain information on the composition and chemical nature of a substance. It is a fundamental support to all branches of Chemistry in the field of research, synthesis and production control. 

Instruments and applications

We make measurements easier to perform

Obviously it is of fundamental importance in many other fields, as all the existing substances and also those relating to life, are ultimate of a chemical nature. So the applications of the concepts and methods of analytical chemistry are required in a long list of sectors as for example:

  • Karl Fischer Coulometric Titrator HI904

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  • Karl Fischer Volumetric Titrator HI903

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  • spectrophotometer

    Spectrophotometer iris – HI801

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  • autosampler

    Autosampler HI922

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Key Advantages

Unparalleled control over production and flexibility

Being not only an instrumentation designer but also a vertically integrated manufacturer gives us the opportunity to control the entire process from the original idea to the final product and grants us also production flexibility that not many companies have.

The above results in some key advantages for our customers.

Several products to measure the same parameter, to fit any analytical requirement.

At Hanna, we can offer a wide range of products capable of measuring the same parameter in different ways with different specifications (e.g. accuracy, resolution…) covering a full range of analytical needs.

Specific products for specific applications

We’re able to produce short runs of products, meaning that if the market demand for a particular product is limited we will still produce it, knowing there is a customer that requires it.

For example, to measure pH we can offer a wide selection of pH electrodes for different applications since we know that many times a “one size fits all” solution is not the best one for our customers.

Cost-effective products

If you’re looking for the best value for money product for your analytical needs, we can definitely find it for you, based on your requirements.

Whether you’re a grower interested in measuring the pH of your soil, the laboratory manager interested in measuring several parameters automatically with the best accuracy possible or the General Manager of a production company interested in automatizing the process control and at the same time reducing its costs as much as possible, at Hanna we can find the best solutions for you.

Have a laboratory?

We can’t look forward to finding the perfect solutions that will improve your job.