Dissolved Oxygen

Dissolved oxygen (DO) is a measure of how much oxygen is dissolved in a system. Measurements are usually taken in water using a DO probe and meter.

Conductivity TDS

Definition of Conductivity Electrolytic conductivity, abbreviated as EC, is a measurement made in which electrical charges on atomic or larger sized particles in a medium are moved under the influence of a potential difference.EC is a measure of concentration however it is non-specific for ion type. An ion is a charged particle present in the […]

pH Measurement

Hanna Instruments offers both single parameter and multiparameter instruments in order to meet a variety of testing requirements.

ORP Parameter

Hanna Instruments offers a variety of instrumentation for measuring Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP).

Ion Selective Electrode

Hanna offers a solution for every method of potentiometric ion analyses with ionselective electrodes.